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Spring is coming to the Lake of Como! We suggest you easy walk

 Spring is coming to the Lake of Como! We suggest you an easy walk Spring is coming to the lake of Como! If you wish to walk a little and discover the beauties of Lake Como, we suggest you an easy  and lovely walk . There is one trail that snake up half hill  between […]

Buy a property in Italy – the reciprocity condition is important requirement to know before to decide to buy your house in Italy

Buy  a property in Italy, the reciprocity condition Before to buy a property in Italy, there is an important requirement that have to be taken into consideration : the reciprocity condition. First check the reciprocity condition between Italy and your country is existing; you will save much time and you do not you risk doing […]

The role of Italian lake Como Estate Agent

The real estate agent’s profession is regulated by the Civil Code and subsequent laws and judgments  that have clarified the real estate agent’s responsibility. The estate agent must act in the interests of both sides simultaneously and, therefore, is entitled to a commission from each party, if the deal is concluded as a result of […]