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Inside Coronavirus – Between work and free time – Maria

Inside Coronavirus – Between work and free time – Maria

I never thought that isolation would be so long. At the beginning, it seemed like a simple flu but at the end it turned into a pandemic.
But negative situations become opportunities in which resilience comes to light.

Anna (the owner) put in play all her professionalism, determination, sensitivity and the experience of 30 years of activity.
From the beginning she has always thought to our well-being. She has involved us with her ideas. We worked in a team, sharing and planning the initiatives for our company.

We didn’t waste any time, and immediately we started to work from home. We informed and updated our customers, about the Coronavirus situation. Our clients, whom we have managed to retain over the years and most have become friends, have appreciated it very much. They supported us with their messages of hope and affection.

The biweekly meetings, via Skype, with Anna and my colleague Samantha made the isolation more pleasant. It was not just work but a sharing. It may seem bizarre, but when we were in the office it was very difficult to find time to talk. We planned the meeting to take stock of the situation but in the end we were always in a hurry. Each of us had our own business goals.

Smart working is a new way of working. It gives us the opportunity, despite the distance, to sharing, talking and to create more harmony and making us feel closer to each other.
During my free time I dedicated myself to preparing my delicious Sardinian dishes. To feel less the nostalgia of my land, Sardinia. I had fun with my dog Aria. I did physical activity to keep fit with my rowing team. Always via web of course and I read my favorite books 🤗.

We are in the phase 2. This is a very delicate phase . Despite the restrictions, it is the responsibility of every one to respect the rules and safeguard collective health.

But we are a great people and we will get out of this situation! This is an experience that I will never forget.

Our company comes out more united and strong than ever, with new initiatives, new ideas available to our customers.

We are waiting you in our office.



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