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Inside Coronavirus – Life and work – Samantha

Inside Coronavirus – Life and work – Samantha

This period was not easy for any of us and we still have a long way to go, when the news of the lockdown arrived in Italy and the seriousness of the situation became real, slowly we metabolized everything, the change of style of life, hardships, obligations .. it took a while …

Concerning the job, personally I lived my work change well and I am very happy how Anna managed the crisis situation.

She has always thought about our well-being and is still doing it that we are entering in the phase 2 with the next reopenings.

Anna has always been present, she shared with us her thoughts, doubts, problems and decisions concerning both the company and us. She is giving support and help to us.

In this period we talked often , via Skype, to keep work going, to manage the situation, to compare ourselves and also to have a chat, they have always been very pleasant moments.

Our appointments also kept me company, being at home alone with Gaia, my 6 year old daughter is very nice, I enjoy the baby …. but talking to Anna and Maria, my colleague, makes me disconnect a little from “mom” mode that tries to juggle home, kitchen, homework, electronic register, class whatsapp groups, games and chores.

Now that we are going to reopen, Anna has given us the possibility to still doing the smart working.

This is an ideal solution for me at this time when the school is closed because to bring Gaia every day to my parents could put them in danger of contagion.

To conclude, from this experience we must collect the positive aspects.

We are people capable of adapting to situations, who are not discouraged and who always try to give the best.

We have experienced that working from home is possible.

We have trained following very interesting courses , we have changed the way we see life and work and very important thing we are more united.

We will inform you soon about news and new projects!

Inside Coronavirus – Life and work – Samantha



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