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Home Insurance

 Home Insurance

Have you bought your dream house on Lake Como? Well done! Now you have to think about protecting yourself in the event of damage with an home insurance.

Home insurance is not mandatory but protects the owner, those who live there and third parties.

The main items of the insurance policies can be:

fire, theft, breakdowns and third party liability.

The insurance can also cover pets and children in the house;objects falling from balconies which can damage things or people underneath and damage to electronic devices.

If you buy a property by mortgage, the home insurance is mandatory but you are not obliged to stipulate it directly with the bank.

You can evaluate other estimates.

Lending institutions ask insurance only to cover exceptional events such as an explosion or fire.

Meaning of the main insurance contract words:

“Indennizzocompensation is the amount paid by the insurance in the event of damage.

“Massimale” is the maximum amount that the insurance will pay.

“Franchigia” deductible is the minimum amount under which the insurance company will not pay the damage.

“Premio” insurance premium is the yearly amount agreed in the signed contract

“Risarcimento” damages repaired by specialized technicians

What to do before signing the contract…

  1. Ask several estimates
  2. Choose the best coverage insurance suit for you
  3. Check carefully the maximum coverage, could have a great impact in the insurance premium
  4. Pay attention to the included guarantees but above all to the excluded ones to which a paragraph is usually dedicated in the contract.
  5. Including legal coverage for damages caused to third parties.
  6. if you have an alarm in your property, inform the insurance broker, you could have a discount
  7. Armoured doors or windows, railings or armoured glass, give savings even if in a lower percentage

As we know the web world offers several sites where you can make a free estimate in a few minutes but it is always better to interact with the insurance broker.

We have a trusted insurance for all needs, even for houses used as holiday homes (it is very important to take out dedicated insurance.

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