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Spring is coming to the Lake of Como! We suggest you easy walk

Spring is coming to the Lake of Como!  We suggest  you easy walk

 Spring is coming to the Lake of Como! We suggest you an easy walk

Spring is coming to the lake of Como! If you wish to walk a little and discover the beauties of Lake Como, we suggest you an easy  and lovely walk . There is one trail that snake up half hill  between nature, breathtaking views, and ancient villages. Comfortable for all the family.

The start is at Tosnacco hamlet of the town of Moltrasio.

Sentee di Sort

It is 1600 meters long and leads to Rovenna, an hamlet of the town of Cernobbio. It takes about 1 hour.

When you arrive in Tosnacco go to “Via per Tosnacco Casarico” you can park here or along the road. Follow the road until you reach the fraction of Casarico, where beside the small Chapel you will find the sign to follow the path of “Rovenna, Sentee di Sort”, you will see a wonderful view on the lake!

Along the path you will find the stone quarries of Moltrasio.

The stone of Moltrasio was already used in the Romanesque era, there are manuscripts that prove  the excavation started since 1058. The stone was commonly used for the construction of buildings including roof coverings with the characteristics of thin slabs known as ‘piode’, type of roofs rare to see today. Como is a rich testimony to the use of Moltrasina stone in the construction of the walls that encircle the old town, the Duomo and the important lake villas.

From here, walking for about 45 min it is possible to reach Rovenna.



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