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10 tips to sell house successfully

10 tips to sell house successfully

Sellers need to know the best strategies to attract buyers willing to buy their house.

  1. Relying on real estate companies.
    Relying on real estate professionals who know the market and are able to advertise the house in real estate portals is important to any seller.
  2. Costs and payments
    To sign a valid contract with the conditions of payment clearly stated and understood between the parties.
  3. Right valuation of the housing market
    Always trust a professional for a correct valuation assessment.
  4. Documentation
    To have ready all the documentation of the house ready for a sale.
  5. Tidying the house
    To always have the house clean and tidy because there could be unexpected visits from potential buyers.
  6. Maintenance
    always show your house in good condition, whitewashing the walls with neutral colours and if you have outdoors spaces like the garden, show them at their best.
  7. Small investment in the work
    Patience of the seller and a small initial investment, certainly facilitates the sale of the house.
  8. Avoid overcrowding family
    It is very important not to overcrowd the rooms of the house when there are visitors, also not everyone likes pets that could preclude a deal, so entrust them to a family member or to a friend for the time of the visit.
  9. Keep in touch with the real estate agency
    The real estate agent should keep you informed on the outcome of each visit and he/she should  be  honest about the merits and defects of the house and the real possibilities of selling and the feedback from the market on the valuation of the property.
  10. If, after a long time, you have not sold,  try it again
    If, after a long time,  the house is not sold, it could be better to withdraw the property from the market for a few months then resubmit to the market with advertising.



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