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Practical Tips for the new house owners

Did you buy your dream house on the lake of Como?

Practical Tips for the new owners

And now what do you do with Gas, Internet, Electricity and so on?

When you buy a property in Italy you have handling some procedure as utilities, local taxes, condo fee and so on …It is necessary to transfer all of them under your name. (everything will have to be registered in your own name)

Here below some information about how and what to do? (here below  some tips that make this easier for you):

Utilities such as electricity, gas, water, telephone/internet line

  • Ask to the seller the last invoice and read the meter number of each of them; on each invoice there is the code of user, the customer service will ask you.
  • During the calling to the customer service, you will be asked to provide your italian tax code, keep it at your hands.
  • In Italy there are different providers, we suggest to choose the same of the previous owner; you will save time and avoid the risk do not have electricity or gas for some time. Unfortunately the most of the company have not a customer service that answers in English.
  • In the future, when you will have more confidence with the Italian issues, you can change the provider, if you find a better one.

Garbage (TARI) and water:

  • Garbage tax (called TARI) and water usually are managed by the Municipality. There are some forms to fill in with all your details. It will be easier if you go personally to the Municipality for asking to change them in your name.
  • Speaking “face to face” is easier and the employees will be happy to help you. You can say in italian:“ho comprato la casa del Sig…; sono qui per cambiare l’intestazione della fornitura dell’acqua e dei rifiuti” (“I bought the house of Mr. …; I’m here to change the water supply and waste tax heading)

Internet connection:

  • Most of the villages in the area of Lake Como have internet network coverage, but better to check. If it is not, you can choose a satellite connection.  In the area the most used is Eolo Company. The company provide with the satellite your home and all what necessary. You can call them or fill out the format on their website. You can also check the internet coverage.

Local taxes, TASI & IMU

  • TASI is the acronym for “Tax on indivisible services” Are services for lighting, landscaping, street cleaning and for all those services provided by the Municipality and generally used by all citizens for whom it is not possible to identify specific users.
  • IMU is the property tax. It must be paid for all the properties, excepted the main residence home.  But, if the main home is considered a luxury property, IMU have to be paid anyway.  You always pay for the second homes and other buildings, such as garages, storages, parking and building plots.
  • TASI & IMU is made all toghether and there are two deadlines: 16 June and 16 December of every year. You will not receive anything from the Municipality, you won’t get anything from the municipality, so better schedule the deadline in your agenda. You can pay only by submitting a form, filled in with all the codes and amounts, to the bank. Better to ask to an accountant to do it

Our real estate agency can do all this for you with our customer service. Ask to us an estimate.



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