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Lake Como – Discover the beauty of the Valle d’Intelvi

The Valle d’Intelvi

Fantastic views and routes for all ages

A place on a human scale

A few kilomters from Como extends the Valle d’Intelvi. It places between Como lake and Lugano lake. The shape of the Valley offers a varied range of itineraries that suits the needs of both trekking lovers and families.

Loosing yourself in the nature and discover breathtaking natural landscapes and the luckiest will be able to make pleasant encounters with deer, foxes and even a few birds of prey that fly graceful in the sky.

This magical place offers many activities for summer and winter, discovering an incredible area, such as horseback riding, canyoning, climbing, paragliding, snowboarding, ski touring and much more.

Find out the colourful and picturesque villages on a human scale, located along the valley and the lake, where tranquility and serenity are at home. You feel like living in a fairytale where art, culture, food and wine are brought togheter and where man and nature coexist in harmony.

The Valle d’intelvi is famous thanks to the Masters “Intelvesi” who with craftmanship  have enriched with the art of Scagliola (it is the technique of inlay that at the end of the sixteenth century early seventeenth century was born to “reproduce” marbles and semiprecious stones made of chalk, combined with natural glues and coloured pigments), they realized above all altars and decorated frontals.

Live this extraordinary and unforgettable experience in the Valle d’Intelvi.


Scagliola Museum

Via Garibaldi, 1,

22020 Cerano D’intelvi CO


Tel. +39 02 6458772




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