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Inside Coronavirus – Today we start with a positive sign!

Inside Coronavirus – Today we start with a positive sign! ZERO new infection in Codogno! The first area heavily affected by COVID 19. The Governor of the Province of Lodi express satisfaction after the big sacrifices  the Coronavirus imposed to his citizens Therefore “staying home’ is the right weapon to win.


INSIDE CORONAVIRUS This is a message for our friends and clients as we don’t want the distance becames to large. A virtual embrace waiting to do this personally.

We are always the same, even in Covid-19’s time

   We don’t give up and you keep on believing in your Italian dream. Our government has taken precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the well-known Covid-19; for this reason the situation in Italy appears worse than it is. Hard to accept  but well done! Our health service works great and this will […]

The famous Carnival of Schignano 2020

The Carnival of Schignano, is one of the most famous carnivals in the province of Como, very theatrical and picturesque. It is unique event on its kind. Every year the Carnival of Schignano shows the traditional masks with its ancient character. Some of these masks date back almost two hundred years. The Carnival is a contrast […]

The main character – Lake Como

Lake Como plays always the lead role The Colonno pier immortalized in the new advertising on social, web channels and tv of the famous  gas and electricity company. He chose as testimonial Bebe the paralympic world fencing  champion . This advertising underlines that Italy has many  beauties places  and the Lake  Como is one of […]

Moltrasio among the 20 most beautiful places in Italy

Moltrasio among the 20 most beautiful places in Italy. As every year, this year too, Skyscanner (a very popular flight offer search site) drew up, it is the sixth edition, the ranking of the most beautiful ancient villages and towns in Italy.  Mountain villages with living traditions, towns suspended between sea and sky, Unesco sites, […]

Target Rent Lake Como

Target Rent Lake Como Target Rent is specialized in the short-term rental market, with apartments and villas in the great location of Lake Como. Target Rent SNC Veronica +39 347 3532527 Andrea +39 346 9479842 LAKE COMO YOUR EMOTIONS START HERE

Lake Como Video

Target Immobiliare video presentation LAKE COMO THE BEST CHOICE FOR LIVING BETTER For sale apartments, villas, cottages to be restored and renovated with fantastic views of Lake Como.

Lake Como – Discover the beauty of the Valle d’Intelvi

The Valle d’Intelvi Fantastic views and routes for all ages A place on a human scale A few kilomters from Como extends the Valle d’Intelvi. It places between Como lake and Lugano lake. The shape of the Valley offers a varied range of itineraries that suits the needs of both trekking lovers and families. Loosing […]